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Pedicure chair

The pedicure chair with suction serves as an optimal treatment place for podiatry and pedicure

incl. our dust extractor (System L500)
The foorcare/pedicure chair has a height-adjustable footrest and a freely positionable working suction area in the longitudinal direction.
The integrated bracket allows you to use standard, height-adjustable chairs with “gas cylinder”.

  • Storage space for 2 UV lamps with generous storage space for your router
  • Built-in drawer for your work utensils
  • Solvent-resistant surface
  • Very simple cleaning only about 2-3 times a year

Basic dimensions 110 cm x 60 cm

CHF 1900.-

The chair to sit is not included. What does this mean?

excl. VAT, delivery, assembly. Design, technical and price changes reserved.

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