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leading manufacturer of nail tables

Company Jennyswiss nail tables with suction

Tables with professional dust extractor - a quality product from switzerland

Our nail tables with integrated suction are valuable and durable.
The tables are supplied pre-assembled and are easy to assemble (very easy: only 4 or 8 screws).
We offer a replacement part warranty and our tables are inexpensive to maintain (our filters have a lifetime of 4-5 years).
For over 20 years we have gained experience to produce tables with a suction on laboratory and industrial level with professional air purification.
Our Swissmade tables are modular. That means you can put together your dream table according to your own wishes.
Our tables are constantly evolving and improving.

Air is life!
Breathe again:

The dust free zone for nail design, podiatry, airbrush and many more.
Prevention: protection for you and your customers! Our fine dust extractor for nail design filters sanding dust, fungal spores, soot (car exhaust), paint mist, germs, bacteria, pollen and so on. Thanks to the extraction by Jennyswiss, you can now work comfortably and without masks. The health of our customers is important to us!

The simple cleaning allows you to clean the filter with the A400 dust extractor after about 100 treatments with a time of one minute.

Our tables are modular. That means you can put together your dream table according to your own wishes. The cables are stowed invisibly in our tables. Thanks to our modular design it is possible to replace or retrofit parts. Our high quality and durable tables are always reasonably priced to maintain and convince of attractive prices. Convince yourself of our Swissmade tables!

Since twenty years we have convinced and enthusiastic customers which Jennyswiss recommend.

We are happy to welcome you in our showroom by appointment.
Spontaneous visits may not be noticed.

Jennyswiss GmbH
Cosmetics and laboratory facilities
Ligschwil 28
6280 Urswil / Hochdorf
Phone 0041 (0) 41 460 01 12

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