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Guidance for nail tables and equipment

Here you will find a detailed manual for your RomanTisch or for the further models: KelTisch, PrakTisch, OpTisch, Optimistic which build on this.

Video guide Romantisch A400 cleaning

You can download the instruction manual for your FantasTisch here.
Furthermore, the video shows you how to wire your FantasTisch.

Video guide wires FantasTisch

The video shows you the installation of the L500 extraction in your existing table. If you have any questions, you can always contact us via the contact form.

Video guide installation L500

Detailed operating and installation instructions for your A400 extraction system can be downloaded directly here. The manual contains a detailed description for installation in your existing table. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

Video guide installation A400

Our installation video shows you the exact wiring of the nailbar. The connection is laid on the right side. For a connection on the left side, simply follow the steps mirrored.

Video guide wires Nailbar

Die Videos zeigen ihnen in einfachen Schritten wie sie die Frontblenden an ihrem RomanTisch und deren weiterführeden Modell ( KelTisch, PrakTisch, OpTisch, OptimisTisch ) montieren können.

Video guide front panel perpendicular mount

Video guide front panels standard mount

The video shows you the assembly of the hand rest with its tabletop. All you need is a drill / cordless screwdriver and a 5mm diameter drill.

Video guide hand support oval / angular

The simple wall mounting of our nail polish shelf is explained to you in this video. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Video guide nail polish shelf

Detailed information on installing the stronger engine unit and a cleaning rod in their existing Jennyswiss table can be found here.

Video guide installation motor and cleander

Learn how the fuse of the A400 exhaust system is changed installed in the table RomanTisch. With the table FantasTisch is the same proceed. However, the connections can be found under the table in the lower left corner. You do not need to push the tabletop away.

Video guide fuse replacement

Remove the power cord! For black cables, insert the AC switch. For red cables, the DC switch.

Video guide switch change

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