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Dust extractor A400

The dust extractor A400 for nailtables

Fine dust extraction – air extractor A400. Included in the module RomanTisch

Dimensions for installation in a table: length 85 cm, depth 51 cm, height 11.5 cm (with the engine 20 cm).

Filters fungal spores, soot (car exhaust), paint mist, germs, bacteria, pollen, sanding dust, etc.

  • Filter change after about 7000 treatments

The filter is flowed from bottom to top, this lengthens the cleaning interval. The filter is not visible during the work process. Coarse dust collecting pad directly under the suction holes.

  • Cleaning in the lower drip tray
  • Cleaning interval after about 100 treatments
  • Cleaning effort: 1 minute
  • High performance of up to 400 m³/h!
  • Whisper-quiet in the recommended working range
  • Simple cleaning of the dust container
  • Lifetime of the filter is several years
  • Dust class M 99% 0.1-10 / 1000mm
  • No dismantling of the system during maintenance work
  • Dust emptying without filter
  • Items can be replaced individually

CHF 1’140.-

excl. VAT, delivery, assembly. Design, technical and price changes reserved.

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