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Dust extractor L500

The dust extractor L500 for nailtables - reasonably priced and effective

Our L500 – the entry into the world of dust extractors

Dimensions for installation in a table: length 85 cm, depth 51 cm, height 12 cm (with the motor 20 cm).

Filters fungal spores, soot (car exhaust), paint mist, germs, bacteria, pollen, sanding dust, etc.

  • Life of the F8 filter for about 4000 / 8000 treatments
  • Cleaning interval after about 70-140 treatments
  • Delivery incl. Plate with hole for easy mounting of the intake area
  • The prefilter under the suction holes keeps the dust back and can be easily emptied upwards
  • High performance of up to 520 m³ per hour!
  • With only 82 watts of power consumption !!
  • In the recommended working range (250m³/h) whisper quiet 55 db / A
  • Infinitely variable

Video grinding test L500

The L500 has been specially designed for easy installation in your existing table. The system is mounted on the underside of its tabletop. With its considerable power and low noise, it is in no way inferior to the larger models.

The functionality corresponds to that of our FantasTisch.

Of course, there is also the possibility to mount the suction in the metal frame of our RomanTisch.

CHF 800.-

excl. VAT, delivery, assembly. Design, technical and price changes reserved.

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