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Activated carbon filter cylinder

To reduce solvent-containing vapors such as Acrylic. Neutralizes odors

For the placement of the cartridges are appropriate shank needed.
Currently only available for the nail table of the series FantasTisch.

Filters strong odors with higher concentrations, heavily polluted kitchen exhaust air, welding smoke, plastic odor, styrene vapors, ozone, etc.

The air is cleaned of particles, dust, etc. through the fine dust filter F8, but the smell / toxides remain in the air. With the activated carbon it is possible to neutralize these odors.

  • Activated carbon binds odors and toxides
  • Disposable cylinder made of plastic
  • For medium to high concentration of odors, solvents or toxic gases
  • No intake of foreign odors
  • Simple 3-point bayonet catch
  • Cartridges are easy to dispose of, fully incinerable
  • Is attached to the left side of the table

Dimensions of the cartridges:
15 cm diameter, 45 cm length

Filling weight activated carbon 5.7 kg (per cartridge 1.9 kg)

Per cylinder cartridge CHF 88.-

excl. VAT, delivery, assembly. Design, technical and price changes reserved.

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